Passenger Numbers at YXS Continue to Take Off

Passenger numbers at the Prince George Airport are soaring to new heights as traffic numbers for 2012 are up nearly 6%  to the end of the third quarter compared to the same period last year.

President and CEO of The Prince George Airport Authority, John Gibson, says “it is great to see the North booming with economic activity. Passenger numbers increased every month excluding September, which remained flat, but that was no surprise as the Las Vegas service was running last fall.” He says “even if traffic numbers plateau for the rest of the year, we are still on track to break our overall record of 417,000 passengers which was set in 2008.”

Marketing Manager, Lindsay Cotter, says “approximately 310, 000 passengers travelled in and out of YXS so far this year, compared to 293,000 during this same period last year. We saw a fairly healthy jump in February at an 11% increase, followed by an 8% jump in August and 6% in July, year over year.”

In 2011, passenger traffic hit over 402,000 passengers; a 3.1% increase over 2010 with the bulk of the increase taking place in the last quarter of the year.