Logistics and Fuelling Services

YXS – the New Transpacific Logistics Alternative

The Prince George Airport (YXS) is positioned to become an important link in the emerging Northwest Logistics Corridor. North America’s newest container port at Prince Rupert, British Columbia is the westernmost end of a 1,000 kilometre corridor dedicated to logistics connecting to Prince George and points beyond. The Prince George Airport is focused on delivering World Class Service at savings that flow to a carrier’s bottom line.

The YXS Logistics Advantage

The Prince George Airport (YXS) believes that in developing a partnership with carriers, its customers must see clear benefits in COST, SERVICE, and TIME. In order to achieve these business objectives, the airport and its world class partners for aircraft handling and fueling have made a commitment to reduce cost, deliver unsurpassed service, and turnaround aircraft in the fastest time possible.

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  • 24/7 operations
  • No operational restrictions
  • No noise restrictions
  • No congestion = quick on-the-ground turnarounds
  • Boeing Plant: accessible by truck 9 hours – by air 1.25 hours
  • Better weather reliability than traditional technical stop alternatives
  • Prince George has no volcanic or seismic disruptions
  • Runway extension to 3,490 m (11,450 ft) is complete
  • Strategically located on the ‘Great Circle’ routes between Asia and the United States
  • World class partners for aircraft handling and fuelling – JetMark (PetroValue Products Canada Inc. and World Fuel Services) and Ron’s Aviation (Esso Fuels)
  • Full aircraft ground support, up to Boeing 747, provided by Allied Aviation
  • Close proximity to transcontinental railway (3 km)
  • Road network connections linking to United States Interstate highways
  • Highway and rail access to the international Port of Prince Rupert
  • 1.5 days closer to Asia than any traditional shipping centre
  • 1214 ha (3000 acres) available for development on airside and adjacent lands
  • 2323 m2 (25,000 sqare foot) cargo warehouse complete and operational in November 2015

YXS Fuelling – servicing aircraft from light to international wide-body

The Prince George Airport (YXS) has two fuel storage facilities on-site. A new state of the art 600,000 litre Jet A1 common fuel storage facility operated by JetMark International Fuel Services and a 180,000 litre Jet A / Avgas facility operated by World Fuels. YXS Fuelling offers multiple fuel providers including World Fuels, Executive Flight Center, Flight Fuels, and Petro Value with JetMark providing overwing and underwing into-plane services.

Why YXS Fuelling?

  • The Prince George Airport (YXS) is one of the first significant North American airports on the great circle route between Asia and North America
  • The Prince George Airport has been certified by the Federal Government as a designated technical stop airport in Canada
  • One of the longest runways in Canada – 3,490 metres (11,450 feet)
  • A new state of the art fuel storage facility with expanded capacity
  • An expanded fuel supplier with secure and competitive fuel supply

Fuel Storage Facility

  • 600,000 liters
  • Prince George Airport Fuel Providers:
    • Executive Flight Services
    • Petro Value
    • World Fuels
    • Flight Fuels
  • Carrier preferred refiners

Into-Plane Providers

  • JetMark
  • WorldFuels for AvGas

Technical Data

  • 3,490 metre (11,450 feet) Runway
  • Cat 1 ILS with High Intensity Lights
  • Cat 2 Centreline LED Lighting
  • 1200HA (3000 acres) Logistic Park Development