Aviation Tenant Directory

Prince George Airport Authority

Main Line and Information: 250.963.2400
Fax: 250.963.3462

JetMark, storage and into-plane contracts, please contact: [email protected]
Leases, licenses, business and land development, please contact: [email protected]
Logistics and tech stop, please contact: [email protected]


Air Canada Express

Reservations and Information: 1.888.247.2262
Baggage Enquiries: 1.888.689.2247
Air Cargo: 250.963.3300
Fax: 250.963.9408
Website: aircanada.com

Central Mountain Air

Prince George Office: 250.963.6680
Fax: 250.963.6681
Smithers Base: 250.847.4780 or 1.888.865.8585
Website: flycma.com

Pacific Coastal Airlines

Reservations: 1.800.663.2872
Website: pacificcoastal.com


Reservations: 1.800.538.5696
Delayed Baggage: 250.963.8197
Website: westjet.com

Northern Thunderbird Air

Toll Free: 844.410.3030
Office: 250.410.3030
Website: ntair.ca

Helicopters, Flight Training and Maintenance

Aberdeen Helicopters

Phone: 250.962.5566
Website: aberdeenheli.com

Hill Aviation Centre Inc.

Phone: 250.963.7211
Fax: 250.963.7218
Website: hillair.com

Yellowhead Helicopters

Phone: 250.963.9884
Website: yhl.ca

Pacific Western Helicopters/Lakelse Air

Phone: 250.963.0181
Website: lakelseair.com

Guardian Aerospace Fight Training/ Air Charter Services

Phone: 250.963.8771
Website: guardianaerospace.net


Paladin Security – Security and Parking

Phone: 250.963.2406
Fax: 250.963.6948
Website: paladinsecurity.com

Allied Universal Security – Pre-board Screening

Phone: 250.963.2400
Website: ausecurity

Canada Border Services Agency

Phone: 250.963.7469
Website: cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

Ground/Cargo Handling

Executive Aviation

Station Manager: 250.963.5661
Fax: 250.963.5610
Website: executiveaviation.ca

Aircraft Servicing/FBO

Hill Aviation Centre

Phone: 250.963.7211
Fax: 250.963.7218
Website: hillair.com

Bid Air

Phone: 250.963.7911
Email: [email protected]

Other Aviation Companies that serve YXS

Alkan Air

Main line: 1.867.668.2107
Website: alkanair.com

Carson Air

Main line: 1.250.765.7776
Website: carsonair.com

North Cariboo Air

Main line: 1.866.359.6222
Website: flynca.com

Skylink Express

Main line: 1.800.565.5359
Website: skylinkexpress.com


JetMark (Jet-A)

Phone: 250.961.8124
Fax: 250.963.9189

World Fuels (Avgas)

Phone: 250.961.8124
Fax: 250.963.9189

Flight Services

Flight Service Station (Williams Lake)

Phone: 250.989.4415
Fax: 250.989.0117

Transport Canada Service Center (TCC) Civil Aviation

Phone: 250.561.5294

Transportation to/from YXS

National Car Rental

Phone: 250.963.7473
Website: nationalcar.ca

Paxton Shuttle Service

Phone: 250.563.3850
Website: paxtonshuttle.com

Airporter Shuttle Service

Phone: 250.563.2220
Website: pgairportshuttle.ca

Prince George Taxi

Phone: 250.564.4444
Website: pgtaxi.ca

Retail and Food Services

Farmhouse Catering Company Ltd

Phone: 778.764.2426
Email: [email protected]
Website: farmhousecatering.ca