Canadian Air Transport Security Association (CATSA) to implement full body screening at the Prince George Airport (YXS)

As of February 12th 2011, full body scanning technology will become part of the security procedure at YXS. This technology will give passengers needing a secondary search the choice between a full body scan or a physical search. The full body scanner will be used to reveal objects, including weapons and explosives that could be concealed under clothing.

The body scanners work on a technology that does not allow images gathered by screeners to be saved or emailed in any way. It is not an X-ray machine; rather, it operates on a technology called Millimetre Wave, which essentially takes a picture of a passenger that looks like an x-ray image showing items that someone could be hiding.

Once scanned, the image is viewed at a remote, on airport location and a clear or not clear determination is rendered.

Prince George Airport Authority, CEO, John Gibson applauds the new equipment. “This technology is being used throughout our industry and we are pleased that Prince George is next in line for this equipment. This allows our customers another choice to a physical search if required, and we are hopeful that we may see further efficiencies with the screening process in the long run.”

The PGAA would like to remind passengers though that during the initial stages of this process more time should be considered when arriving and checking in for your flights.

Being prepared and packing smart will also help you get to your flight as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For further details on this announcement or to find the latest news and information for passengers about the security process, visit CATSA’s website –