Prince George Airport Authority (PGAA) Response to Ranking on Data Index

The Prince George Airport Authority is aware of our unofficial ranking among 25 Canadian airports yesterday by online webpage where we were compared to airports with passenger traffic over 16-times our size.

Our airport is considered a “small airport” by the Canadian Airports Council. Approximately 418,000 people used the airport in 2023 compared to over 24 million travelers at the Vancouver airport. is an online casino-ranking website. While we actively seek out feedback through traveler surveys, the PGAA does not regard data index as representing the opinions of YXS travelers.

For those of us who work here, we’re surprised and disappointed by the traction gained by this story in local and national media; however, after an extensive media and social media scan, we are encouraged by the positive comments in online forums written directly from airport users supporting the airport and the services and amenities we offer, the speed at which travelers move through security, the new restaurant, open and airy design, and comfortable waiting area.

PGAA is responsive to the needs of our travelers. We regularly engage with airport users in surveys and feedback, including recently in 2023 which informed our 5-year Master Plan update, where we:

a. received a total of 1,929 responses from airport users.

b. heard from 45 stakeholder groups in focus group discussions.

In fact, the Prince George Airport Authority recently committed to the Canadian Airports Council – AirportNEXT project where the PGAA will be compared to other, like-sized airports in Canada on services and amenities and other development opportunities. The survey will go to stakeholders, helping us understand where we should focus on facilities, destinations, and how we’re doing overall.

The PGAA is currently exploring opportunities for an airport hotel. More information about this project will be shared as it progresses.

Our Master Plan is aspirational and considers our size, location, and population while envisioning future services, amenities, and developments. This ranking from will not deter us from achieving our goals and exciting developments at the Prince George Airport.