Booster Packs Now Available at Airport for Public’s Use

Now that the temperature has dipped well below zero, many vehicles need an extra boost getting started. The Prince George Airport Authority has listened to the requests of many customers and now a vehicle booster kit is available for all to use on site.

Those needing the extra jolt of power need to contact the Security desk, leave an item of value such as a Driver’s License or credit card, take the pack, boost their car, return the pack, get back their “deposit” and head home.

Please be advised the PGAA cannot use their fleet to boost passenger vehicles as several of them have very expensive computer and electronics aboard and a bad boost connection or electrical fault in the passenger’s vehicle can destroy the equipment.

Also a word of note, the PGAA does not tow vehicles out of the ditch or snow bank, but we will be happy to arrange for a tow on their behalf.