The safety and security of our customers is the Prince George Airport Authority’s foremost concern. To ensure that these concerns are respected, the Prince George Airport requests that media observe the following guidelines:

  • Before arriving, a media outlet, journalist, photographer or camera operator must notify the Prince George Airport Authority of their interest in reporting from the airport property.
  • At this point the appropriate airport personnel will be notified to expect a media crew on-site.
  • For safety and security reasons, while on airport property members of the media must carry personal and professional identification. At any point while on the premises, they may be asked to produce identification.
  • Please contact Prince George Airport Authority Administration prior to any filming or reporting from airport lands.
  • When filming inside the terminal building, do not film security personnel or security checkpoints. Obtain prior permission from passengers and all airport employees before filming individuals.
  • Respect security checkpoints and security personnel at all times.

For media inquiries, please contact Chrisie Berry by email at

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