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Sun, May 24, 2015        

Travel Tips

Check-in Times

It is recommended that you check in at least one hour before your flight departure time. In the event of a flight delay, please check with your airline for updated check in times.


Baggage Allowances

The baggage allowance, as well as the amount you can carry on the aircraft, may differ from one airline to another. Please follow the links below for information on baggage allowances for your specific airline.


Baggage Restrictions

Carry-on Baggage - New Security Measures! click here for more info from the Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority (CATSA).

Acceptance of any item is always subject to available space on the aircraft and the requirement that it be x-rayed or otherwise inspected to ensure the article is genuine and not used to transport a prohibited item.


Required Travel Documentation

Please contact your airline carrier for current documentation information. Please remember that you will need proof of citizenship when travelling internationally. Your driver's licence is not sufficient.

Also, when children are travelling without a parent, they will need notarized documentation - please contact your airline for more details. When travelling with infants and children please be advised you will require identification for each child (birth certificate or medical card). If you are travelling with a child that is not related to you, you will require a signed letter giving permission for travel from the child's parent or guardian. If you are sending a child unaccompanied on a flight please arrive at least 1.5 hours before flight time. Please contact individual airlines for more information.


Customs Information

Please click here to view our Canada Customs page.


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Parking at YXS


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